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the book

Take a sneak peak into a few of the chapters.

Chapter 1: What is Calling You

Readers discover their career calling and empower them to commit to making their mark in this world. It will dare readers to prepare for their wildest career dreams and offer thought-provoking questions to help them assess where they are and where they would like to be.

Chapter 3: Networking To The Next Level

Get step-by-step directions for connecting to the most influential leaders in your community (or the world!) and leverage your new connections.

Chapter 6: Must-Have Critical Skills

Get to know the highly desirable characteristics recruiters, career centers, managers and senior leaders look for most in a candidate. 

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You are the author of your dreams and the mover of your faith. Everything happens for you and with you when you decide to strengthen your skills and serve the world. 

Chandria Harris

The Not So Buttoned Up Approach

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Chapter 7: Show Up & Show Out

Learn how to level up your career performance, explore healthy career habits that get you hired, promoted and paid well.

Chapter 8: Keeping the Job is Harder

Explore unprofessional workplace habits that send many young professionals out the door with one box in hand. Getting fired is real and ruins reputations, so these tips keep young professionals safe!

And so much more...

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