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Chandria Harris

Now Available

Now Available


I have helped thousands of ambitious students land career opportunities

from Rolls Royce, to the Pentagon, to Googleand I am going to help you too!

Meet Chandria

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

As a celebrated career consultant, diversity and inclusion champion, and first-generation college graduate, Chandria Harris knows that the road to your dream job isn’t easy. 

First-generation graduate with over a decade of experience tapping into college students’ future, empowering young women, and developing adult-training programming, Chandria is one of America’s leading Career Development influencers. Nashville Rated Top 100 Training and Development Professionals, sought-after Keynote Speaker, Career Services Strategist and Executive Coach.

From coaching entry-level talent that landed a role at the Pentagon, increasing student career engagement in higher education, to creating program for chief executive leaders, Chandria believes in helping others reach their highest level of success.


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Meet Chandria

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About the

In The Not So Buttoned-Up Approach, Harris answers the top career questions of college students and guides the reader through successfully navigating the traditional workplace. From writing a resume that sings, to building a network of support, Harris brings to life the advice that will prime young professionals for landing their first job - and keeping it - with real-life examples and personal exercises.

Whether you’re a graduate-to-be, or pivoting a lifelong career, The Not So Buttoned-Up Approach provides a feast’s worth of food for thought as you plan your next steps with excellence, creativity, and faith.

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"This book does a great job meeting the readers where they are. It is written for entry-level employees and speaks to them on a personal level. It serves as a great guide. Not only does this book advise new professionals, but it makes them an active participant in the career development process."

Sarah Bell

Waynesburg University

"In a society that has grown increasingly complex, the road to a solid career path has become far more difficult to navigate. If anyone can steer you toward your goals and dreams, Chandria Harris can not only do it, but can do it with the grace, elegance, and knowledge you must have to set off on the right foot. I have interviewed hundreds of candidates for a wide variety of careers and, believe me, if Chandria coached any of them, my job would have been so much simpler. Chandria's voice is one that should be listened to and learned from before you take those first steps in what may well be the most important decision of your life."

William Anthony 

Former Dir of Comms US Senator Gordon Humphrey & 
Former Asst Commissioner,
Public Affairs US Customs

"A few years ago, after losing my job, I reached out to Chandria for help. I was in a place where I had given up on myself and the job search all together. When I contacted Chandria, I was extremely impressed. Not only was she professional, she was supportive, attentive and knowledgeable. She equipped me with tools that empowered me to be more confident in myself and in my skills. After meeting with Chandria, I applied to one particular job, I had previously applied for this position but was not successful. After applying a second time, I landed an interview, mastered the interview and was offered the position. The tools that Chandria gave me are definitely lifelong tools."

Megan Butler

Former Client


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